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12.05.20 Zoom Workshop – Microgreens with Sweet City Micros

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Eating healthy can be quite challenging, but finding something that is both flavorful and nourishing may actually be easier than most people think it is. Microgreens are a nutrient rich food source that is not only a great addition to your daily meals and great for having a healthy diet, but it is also a great sustainable food source that can be grown in your very own home with minimal impact on the environment. Join hosts Ankur Shah and Danica Abejon in this month’s online workshop to get to know the advantages of Microgreens. After their demonstration, there will be a Q&A session to discuss with the audience on their thoughts and suggestions related to this topic.


SPORE is hosting Danica Abejon, the owner of Sweet City Micros, a nutrition-based business in Huntsville, Alabama. Danica is a passionate plant grower and businesswoman who is serving locally grown nutrient dense microgreens. Sweet City Micros aims to change the paradigm around healthy eating by using sustainable methods to provide its local community with high quality, living microgreens that are both delicious and nutrient dense.


Join SPORE for a discussion on how to become self-reliant for nutrition and health. Learn the importance of microgreens and their impact on human health. Danica will discuss aspects of microgreens and how to grow them or buy them from Sweet City Micros!

Spore is an outreach program of Mycelium, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is focused on knowledge, research, and development of circular economies and related technology. Please visit our website for more information on us and the projects we are working on.

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