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Join us to learn about

Self Reliance &

Circular Economy

Learn 3D Printing & other technologies to empower yourself with a self sustainable lifestyle.
Class 101


We host free classes and events in Northern Alabama to teach people how to turn their ideas into reality using 3D Printing.

New technologies like 3D printing can empower everyone to make their own products and become self sustaining, but it’s often intimidating to get started.

We’re here to help.

We’ve gathered local 3D printing experts, makers, artists and teachers to help educate and empower the public to begin making their own products locally.


SPORE is an initiative of a 501(c)(3) non-profit called Mycelium, formed to Support Public Outreach, Resourcesand Education.


Who we are

We’re an initiative of a 501(c)(3) non-profit called Mycelium, which was formed to build and distribute 3D Printing and recycling machines that empower everyone to begin producing products locally out of plastic waste. 


What we do

We host classes around 3D Printing to show people how to make their own products, and host classes to showcase what the community is doing in 3D Printing. By educating and empowering locals to begin producing their own products, we hope to stimulate STEM activities in youth and the local community.    


How you can help

Interested in getting involved? There are plenty of ways to help! We need teachers for classes, engineers for R&D in Mycelium, marketers to help spread the word, and of course funding to help keep the lights on. We’d love for you to join the tribe!

Supporters and Sponsors:

Make a difference

We’re working to empower people around the world to begin converting local plastic into useful goods. 

How we think we can make a difference

Teach people how to make their own products

Using what we’re learning through our non-profit, Mycelium, we are setting up a curriculum around utilizing technology like 3D printing to turn product ideas into reality. We teach classes at the local library to refine these lessons. We then share what we learn in our Resources

Transition towards production independence

By distributing the education for how to use 3D Printing make ideas real, we hope to empower people around the world to take back their production independence.