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3 Ways you can get involved

1. Stay Informed with our Newsletter & Social Media

If you enjoy coming to our classes, you can get informed of what we are doing via our newsletter:

It is never our intention to spam subscribers, newsletters are only sent out every couple of weeks.

You can also stay informed via our social media pages:

2. Become a Volunteer

We need all the help we can get for this endeavor! Do you love challenges? Are you interested in teaching people about 3D printing? Interested in helping design and build the machines? Interested in helping us market, or document our¬†endeavors? We’d love to have you! Contact us to let us know you’re interested!


3. Learn more about our cause

Building these machines and hosting these classes costs money. Every dollar donated helps us tremendously. Your funding can help supply 3D Printers to those in need, provide materials for teaching the community and hosting great events, supply materials to build the machines, and many more!