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06.22.19 Learn how to Model & 3D Print Custom Dice

SporeHSV will be hosting a 3D printing workshop at the Bailey Cove Library that will be part of a Tabletop series!

This class will begin at 10am, beginning with the basics of how to find already created models (Thingiverse), what programs you can use to model or modify your own dice models (Blender and 3DOrchard), and how to prepare them for 3D printing (Cura). After the demonstration, we will be available to help attendees and answer questions until 1pm.

A laptop is not required for this class, but it is highly recommended for following along with lecture. If you would like to fully prepare ahead, please download and install Blender 3D v2.8 ( FYI, We will be using the new 2.8 BETA, but we are also prepared to walk through 2.79b if requested.

We will have pre-designed and printed dice to give to attendees. If time merits, we may be able to print the dice designed in class for you to take home with you.

After the class, SporeHSV will be available to answer 3D printing related questions.

RSVP not required, but if you would like to, please use our Facebook page to let us know and receive reminder notifications:

Please visit for more information!

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