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This page will contain all of the information we learn about Recycling in general. Most of the information will be related to How_to_recycle_plastics for 3Dprinting uses, and some exploration of injection molding. We may also explore recycling other materials, such as aluminum, into useful parts for 3D printers. Finally, we may explore turning material like cardboard into affordable housing using 3D printing technologies.


Plastic: It is theoretically possible to 3D print with #1 (PET), #2 (HDPE) and #5(PP) plastics. Aluminum: This can be melted down to create useful parts in 3D printers, like rails, gears, etc. Cardboard: Could be broken down into essentially paper mâché to be used in projects like 3D printed affordable housing.

Shredding Materials

There are multiple ways to grind plastic. It seems the most useful way is using a shredder-like mechanism, like the open source one found in the Precious Plastics project: [Precious Plastic Shredder]

We've explored blending plastic bottles in a blender, but as you can see, it doesn't work very well: [Youtube Video]

For material like aluminum cans, you would need a heavy-duty shredder, tough metal-cutting scissors, or just forgo shredding (to melt the can as is).

Sorting Materials

For plastic, it is generally done by floating the plastic in a liquid. See section on How_to_recycle_plastics

Aluminum is generally easier to identify, and therefore easier to sort the cans by hand.

Cardboard will also likely be broken down into a slurry in order to be used to form structures.